Target Audiences

eStudent Success programs and resources serve self-regulated lifelong learners of all ilks and audiences including:

  • New/Existing College Students

  • High School Bridge

  • At Risk/Foster Youth

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Career Exploration and Development

Infographic demonstrating the eStudent Success target audiences.

Who Are These Programs For?

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Self-Regulated Learners

Programs in the Learning Skill program group focus on a self-regulated approach to learning skill development.

Self-regulated learners use tutorials like these, and other resources, not only to identify learning strengths, but also learning weaknesses. This knowledge ensures they will use these programs to their greatest benefit.

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Distance Learners

Freaked out about taking online classes? If only there was an online course that can better prepare you for success in the online class environment. Well, now there is.

The "Distance Education Success" program covers all the tips and techniques you need to know in order to be success in the online classroom.

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High School Bridge / First Time College Students

Your first semester at college is going to be a bit like drinking from a fire hose. There's a lot of to deal with, particularly in those first few weeks of the term.

College Success programs are in place to help you not just anticipate the hurdles ahead but to meet them head-on.

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Career Exploration and Development

Career Develop programs feature the Rapid Skills Builder® (RSB) series of foundational short seminars.

These programs serve individuals seeking to develop important skills that will better equip them to perform more effectively in their current and/or future jobs or as they move into management or leadership roles.

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Combining content specific to entrepreneurship with eStudent Success programs is our commitment to creating a best of both worlds environment  to nurture and promote your entrepreneurial spirit.

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At Risk/Foster Youth

eStudent Success is committed to providing resources and support opportunities to this most deserving, yet often neglected, user population.

Students in this target audience will benefit from the entire library of programs and self-assessments regardless of their ultimate choice of academic or career paths.