Who Are These Tutorials For?

Asian female student with textbook

Any Student Who Wants to Improve Their Learning Skills

The Learning Skill Development programs represent a group of success topics designed to improve your learning skills in the areas of:

• Active Listening
• Reading to Answer Questions
• Notetaking
• Goalsetting
• Getting the Most Out of Lectures
• And more as they become available

Male student sitting at a laptop computer and wearning headphones

First Time Distance Learners

Freaked out about taking online classes?

If only there was an online course that can better prepare you for success in the online class environment.

Well, now there is.

Our eStudent Success seminar covers all the tips and techniques you need to know in order to be success in the online classroom.

Female student browsing books in the library

Experienced Learners

So, you've been around campus for a while and have completed, what, 18 or more units so far.

You've taken both onsite and online classes and have done fairly well in each.

Well, just because you're good at something doesn't mean you shouldn't practice.

Learning skills are just that - skills - and you have to work them out or your abilities may deteriorate.

So, help yourself to any of our online seminars. You never know, you just might learn something new.