Managing Your Money

How you earn and spend your money should stay in the forefront of your mind. That doesn't mean keep a running tally in your head of the exact change you have in your pocket. It does mean that you need to manage your money properly and that you should create and stick to a budget.

This program talks about banks and other financial institutions, provides tips for managing your money, describes how to set up and maintain a budget, and offers a helpful perspective about credit.

Various envelopes with money inside demonstrating the "stuffing" method of budgeting.

Before you start, here are a few things to know.


  • The content of this program is presented over several topics.
  • Your progress is monitored. You must successfully complete each topic to complete the program.
  • There are some questions at the end of each topic so you can evaluate your learning and identify information you would like to review. Don't worry, it's not a test and it's not graded. We call it a, "Check on Learning."


  • The program should only take about 60 minutes to complete.
  • Because there are no student accounts or retention of personal information, there is no bookmarking features. Users must complete the program in one session to be able to print a completion certificate at the end of the program.