eStudent Success - FREE New Student Orientation Program
for California Community Colleges.

In early 2023, Cynosure and eStudent Success launched a program designed to provide a comprehensive, complete, campus-specific new student orientation program that promises to eliminate the cost and hassle colleges face to create, host, update, and maintain their online new student orientation program. 

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NSO functional block diagram.

Interfaces with your Student Information System

Our orientation interfaces with your student information system in much the same fashion as your existing program, maybe better. In addition, student progress and completion is monitored and recorded giving you easier, more convenient access to your student data.

  • Students authenticate in your portal and link to orientation.
  • Student program completion data is fed-back to your SIS.
  • Monitor student progress/completion with online report utility.
NSO screen capture from program introduction.

Campus-specific Presentation

Combines a superior content delivery platform, a proprietary database of campus-specific orientation-relevant information, and years of experience producing NSO programs into a student experience that is unique to your campus and meets ALL California Community College Chancellor’s Office new student orientation content requirements.

  • Your campus logo and branding.
  • 56 campus-specifc points of data and hyperlinks.
  • Services from personalization to complete program customization.

Orientation Content Overview

Steps to enrollment illustration.


Steps to Enrollment

Because each student brings their own challenges and experience to the enrollment process, each is as unique as a fingerprint.

The Steps to Enrollment represent a collection of student services that streamlines the enrollment process for all students, while at the same time being able to address the unique needs of each student. This allows every student to fully engage in all that a community college has to offer.


Academic Goals

Many students come to college to earn an associate degree or a vocational certificate. Some are looking to master basic skills. Others, plan to transfer to a university and earn a bachelor's degree.

Whatever your academic goal, the information in this segment will help set you in the right direction. We'll describe each academic goal and the basics of what it will take to get there. 

Education hierarchy pyramid depiction.
Depiction of many student services on campus.


Student Services & Academic Support

As you make progress toward your academic goal, realize there are a lot of people on our campus making this journey with you.

The faculty and staff who work in the many student service and academic support offices are here to help you achieve your academic goals.


Student Success Basics

The more you understand about the college process the better able you'll be to make good decisions that contribute to your overall academic success. This includes topics like:

  • How many units you should take?
  • How much time you'll need to invest studying outside of class?
  • How to calculate your grade point average?

In this topic, we'll cover a several basic concepts that every college student needs to know to be successful.

Sign that reads, "What's a Unit?"
Displays code of conduct.


Student Conduct, Campus Safety, & Title IX

The campus strives to inspire our student to achieve success by providing a learning environment that is strengthened by diversity, is responsive to the community, and fosters scholarship, leadership, and responsibility.

With this in mind, it is time to look at the policies and procedures in place to help ensure that all students, faculty, and staff remain safe on campus, behave in accordance with the student code of conduct, and comply with college policies and procedures.

These policies are in place to help provide a meaningful teaching and learning experience for all.